As a motorist, one unavoidable servicing measures is replacing your tyres. However, considering that a set of new tyres can cost a pretty penny, it would be in your best interests to know how best to take care of your tyres. Failure to do so coupled with reckless driving will invariably lead to you having to replace your tyres on a frequent basis, and this would not be economical for any motorist. If you have just purchased new tyres, here are a couple of tips you could employ to prolong their lifespan.

Tip 1: Have your tyres rotated routinely

Rotation of your tyres entails swapping the position of the different tyres from time to time. The rotation functions to decrease your tyres from wearing down on one side alone. The uneven wear happens because the way the tyres make contact with the road will vary depending on where their position is. Thus, by rotating your tyres, you do not decrease the process of wearing down, but you do take a proactive step in ensuring they become worn out evenly.

It should be noted that the tyre rotation should be done before they start to show significant damage otherwise the process will be redundant. Tyres swapping can easily be done as a DIY maintenance measure, but if you are a newbie motorist and not have experience with this, you should have your mechanic do it or you when you take your vehicle for servicing.

Tip 2: Have your tyre pressure checked routinely

When some homeowners think of tyre pressure, they tend to assume it is only important to ensure they are not driving around with a flat. In reality, your tyre pressure will also dictate the longevity of your new tyres. If your vehicle has tyres that are under-inflated, you gradually lose your ability to handle your car efficiently. Furthermore, under-inflated tyres will not have optimum contact with the road, and this will accelerate uneven wear and tear in your tyres. Thus, it is essential to ensure that you keep an eye on your tyre pressure and have them inflated as needed.

It should be noted that over inflating your tyres is potentially hazardous too. If the tyres are over inflated, it is easier for them to become overheated when you drive. This overheating will invariably decrease the lifespan of the tyres. Overall, it is important to be aware of the original manufacturer's recommendations and do your best to stick to that tyre pressure.