More people than ever are choosing to buy a truck instead of a conventional car these days and if you live in Australia, it makes even more sense due to the amount of wilderness out there. If you are moving over to truck transpiration for the first time, you may be wondering what type of tyres you should fit. There's a dizzying array of options in the marketplace, but what is your best approach considering your circumstances?

Four-Wheel Fashion

In years gone by, off-road vehicles would be purely utilitarian and would feature bias ply tyres on split rims. These were considered to be the best for the purpose, i.e. driving "off road." However, four-wheel-drive vehicles started to come into fashion and the fashionistas wanted something that made their vehicles look more aggressive. As a consequence, smaller, but fatter wheels and tyres came to prominence in a more urban environment.

Then there was another group, those who used the vehicles for work and who needed a combination of tyres that were both practical and good looking. In this case, tyres with tough sidewalls and heavy construction were favoured.

Compromise Solutions

In modern days, truck tyres tend to be a compromise, giving strength and durability when you're driving on the highway, but a specific pattern to give you grip and traction when off-road. Sidewalls are meant to get rid of heat buildup efficiently, but are strong enough to deal with any rocks encountered off-road.

Available Choices

You have several choices when it comes to your selection of off-road tyres. Mud terrain covers are designed for those who spend most of their time in the outback. Those who can't stand the thought of getting their truck dirty will choose tyres that are meant for the highway with the odd foray onto a loose surface. If you're in the middle you would choose "all-terrain" covers, meant for those who drive in all conditions.

In order to select the right tyre you need to determine how many miles you will likely drive on each surface. All of the aforementioned tyres will work, but you have to take into account value for money. If you spend all of your time on the highway, then tyres with excess tread will wear down more quickly and will then lose their traction if you do go off-road. They are also likely to be much noisier than you would appreciate.

Making Your Calculation

Figure out how much driving you are likely to do on loose surfaces and have a word with your tyre dealer to see what option is best for your particular vehicle.