Tyres are an important component of the overall quality of your car trips, so it makes sense to try and keep them in as good a shape as possible. The best way to keep your car tyres in good order is, of course, to buy quality tyres from a trusted dealer. The following tips can only do so much if you are starting off with poor tyres. Also, never extend the car tyres further than they should be used.

If you notice the tread starting to rub down or the air pressure constantly going out, replace your car tyres as soon as possible. When you get your brand new car tyres, here are three tips to make them last as long as possible.

Make Sure Your Alignment Is Right

If the alignment of your car is out, then the car tyres will suffer adversely from it. With your car always veering in one way or the other your tyres will wear unevenly and can lead to one deteriorating far quicker than the other three. Every time you go for a service make sure that your car alignment is checked so that the tyres are in perfect working order. Also, avoid driving on rough, uneven surfaces and if you do, drive slowly so that your alignment doesn't get jolted out of position.

Rotate The Tyres

You might not realise this, but car tyres in the front do most of the heavy lifting on your vehicle. That essentially means that they wear out quicker than the rear two tyres, so if you want to even this out all you have to do is rotate them every so often. This doesn't have to be a monthly or even bi-monthly operation. Instead, whenever hit around 15,000 kilometres you can consider rotating them or replacing them. Always make sure to use a professional, as changing car tyres on your own is fraught with danger for both you and the car.

Wash Your Tyres

It might seem strange to think about washing your car tyres but there are a couple of reasons why you should do this every so often:

  • While washing them you will notice if any pebbles, twigs or small bits of debris are stuck in the tread of your car. These can quickly wear down your tyre and cause them to burst, so remove them if you can.
  • Washing your tyres ensures that you know exactly how worn they are and if they can survive another rotation or if they need to be replaced as soon as possible.

For further tips, reach out to a local tyre shop.