In New South Wales or Victoria, snow may be a regular, seasonal occurrence. If you're planning to move there or schedule a lengthy visit, you may need to focus on traction or think about fitting a set of snow and ice tyres to your vehicle. Why is this a good idea?

Purpose Made

Winter tyres are very different from normal, all-season rubber. They are made from an entirely different compound designed to retain flexibility when both the road and air temperatures fall below zero. While other tyres will still work, they may not give the same kind of traction and may remain stiffer due to the compound design. Of course, lower levels of traction can lead to no grip, which can certainly present a problem to the average driver.

Careful Construction

Winter tyres also have a very deep tread design and special distribution channels that are called "sipes." They are very good at ploughing through slushy snow, which can be quickly pushed off to the sides and away from the vehicle. Those grooves may also "capture" chunks of snow and allow the tyre to bind with snow on the road surface. In turn, this can help with traction and make it easier to steer and brake in these unpredictable conditions.

Snow Tyre Designation

You can tell if a tyre has been specifically designed for use in the snow by looking for a special designation stamped on the sidewall. This will look like a series of mountain peaks around the symbol of a snowflake and indicates that the tyre has been specifically tested in challenging wintry conditions. Tyres that may be called "mud and snow" may not be specifically manufactured for snow driving and may not have that special designation on the sidewall.

Checking Requirements

Remember, you may not be required to fit snow tyres by the jurisdiction, although this may well be recommended. However, you may need to carry snow chains in your vehicle and should look for further details before travelling in areas highly prone to snow or ice.

Worth Considering

So, if you are planning to go on an extended ski break to some of Australia's best winter destinations or might be moving to those areas long-term, you should think about your tyres. It may well be a good idea for you to buy a set of winter tyres to keep on hand for when the conditions deteriorate.

For more information on tyres, contact a professional near you.